About design felt

The felt we use is made in Germany. It is manufactured from Merino wool that is primarily sourced from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
Merino sheep are known for their fine hair which is considered to be the highest quality sheep’s wool.
Woolen felt is a natural product. A high standard of dye processes are used to dye the felt. The fact that the felt is made from 100% wool makes the product bio-degradable and eco-friendly.
The felt does not undergo chemical treatments and is flame proof (when touched by flame, wool chars and self-extinguishes)
and water and soil resistant.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Use a vacuum cleaner to dust. Do not use the beater brush of the vacuum.
Be careful when vacuuming around areas of stitching or embroidery.
Spots can be cleaned with warm water or water-free dry cleaning solvent.
Avoid aggressive rubbing , because rubbing can change the surface of the felt.